“We were introduced to Adrienne by a friend as we needed a tutor to assist my 11-year-old with his English preparation for a school entrance exam. I can with great satisfaction and gratitude, state that my son loves her. The tailored lesson plans brought my son up a few levels of English in a very short period of time, and his confidence has grown tremendously.  The course was a mix of face to face and online teaching. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I was anxious that he’d lose that connection if it was online, but he maintained great focus and gained successful entry to his school.  It's all down to the teaching methods used by Adrienne to keep him focused and engaged. We are now very much looking forward to continuing my son's lessons with Adrienne, and I know that my son is too. I would highly recommend Adrienne.”

— Mark Bancroft, Dunfermline

Happy students taught English in Edinburgh

“ I started working with Adrienne three years ago when I was in third year. I was struggling with English due to being dyslexic, I had no confidence in my abilities and I knew it would be a challenge to pass National 5. Three years on I have an A at National 5 and an A at Higher!  Adrienne helped me to become much more confident in my writing, helped me to improve my close reading techniques and so much more. It was a pleasure to have her as my tutor. Thanks Adrienne!!”

— Sam Beaumont, Edinburgh

“ Adrienne tutored me for two and a bit school years and has been a massive help to not only my academic grades but also my overall confidence in English. I used to strongly dislike English and would dread doing any English homework because I never seemed to find a way that worked for me, especially in Close Reading or better known as RUAE. My scores for RUAEs were very incoherent and nothing I tried could get my results to an easily reproducible level. I started working with Adrienne during my National 5, for which she helped me to achieve a grade A, she then tutored me for my Higher course where I also gained an A. Thanks to Adrienne I began to enjoy my English lessons because I finally understood what was being taught to me and my grades in English steadily began to increase. I began to enjoy it when I saw how a simple piece of text could have so many veiled meanings. For example, in poetry a simple line could have many literal and metaphorical interpretations. Adrienne’s lessons really helped me with my RUAE because she was able to explain in it a way no one has ever explained to me before. I struggled most with RUAE so to be given a clear set of rules that were almost mathematical and logical, I was so happy! The subject I struggled most with was suddenly simplified in front of me. What I looked forward to most during my one-to-one sessions with Adrienne was being able to ask unlimited questions without the fear of seeming unintelligent to my peers. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit and I like many others could not sit my final Higher English exam but luckily due to my high and consistent grades throughout the school year, my teacher had enough evidence to prove that I deserved an A grade. Due to Adrienne's support, my English has improved hugely and I can confidently write an essay about any novel or play, complete an RUAE, be quizzed on poetry and most importantly, say that I enjoy English. I would recommend Adrienne as a tutor to any student who has yet to find their love for English. ”

— Victoria, Edinburgh

“ Adrienne is an amazing tutor who has helped me develop confidence in English. As English is not my native language, I used to struggle immensely until Adrienne helped me attain an A in National 5 English. Additionally, all thanks to her, I achieved an A for Higher English.  Her teaching style is also great which has helped me improve my essay writing skills, as well as Close Reading techniques and understanding Scottish texts. She has also assisted me through FaceTime during lockdown. I really can’t thank her enough for helping me to achieve my top grades and would highly recommend her to anyone! ”

— Aishee Das, Edinburgh

“ Adrienne is an excellent tutor. My daughter, who is in S2, has been receiving Skype tuition from Adrienne for almost a year now and the progress is absolutely amazing.  Her language has significantly improved and she feels much more confident with writing analytical essays and creative writing. Just recently my daughter received top marks for her close reading test which was a great improvement.  The lessons are also very enjoyable and encouraging, my daughter is always keen to log-on and Skype with Adrienne. I have seen firsthand the growth of my daughter's confidence in her own abilities and I can wholeheartedly recommend Adrienne as a tutor. ”

— Rachel Davidson, Aberdeen

“ The lessons my son had with Adrienne have been so beneficial.  Adrienne was able to explain the more ‘technical’ aspects in a way in which he understood and she was also able to guide him to thinking both creatively and analytically for his folio pieces. Her experience as a teacher really showed and this led not just to improved results at school, but also, importantly, to a huge increase in my son’s confidence in his own ability, resulting in a Grade A at Nat 5. At times we were not able to travel for face to face lessons and these were done very effectively by Skype with no detriment to the learning. Adrienne has a calm, encouraging manner and I would thoroughly recommend Adrienne as a tutor. See my son’s testimonial below. ”

— Kate Parker, Scottish Borders

“ Adrienne is a fantastic tutor and is very supportive. She is very good at giving precise details and making you feel comfortable to ask questions that you might feel uncertain to ask in a class. Adrienne’s tutoring really helped me as it allowed me to consolidate the work from school and become really confident in English as a whole. She is very patient and always knows the right way to explain something so you understand. I would highly recommend Adrienne to anyone at any level of English. ”

— Sean Parker, Scottish Borders

“ Adrienne is a great tutor. With her help and guidance, I managed to get an A for my Higher English. I understood all aspects of the course really well because she explained everything so clearly and made it seem easy. I do not think I would have managed to get such a good grade without her help. Thanks, Adrienne! ”

— Alina Javaid, Edinburgh

“ Having battled with English due to dyslexia for some time, we have seen a massive transformation in our son’s confidence and ability since working with Adrienne. She has transformed him from getting a D in his Nat 5 prelim to achieving an amazing A in the final exam. He is now looking forward to achieving his Higher English qualification. She clearly knows her stuff and connects well with her pupils and this shows in the results. I cannot recommend her highly enough. ”

— Britta Barnet, Edinburgh

“ With Adrienne's help, I was able to cover the National 5 English course in a short time. Adrienne helped me with essay planning, close reading techniques and portfolio writing. With all her advice and support, I was able to achieve an A grade. Many thanks. :-). ”

— Emily Hutton, Edinburgh

“ Adrienne helped me get an A for my Higher English, which I am so happy about. She is a great tutor. I would also add that she really helped me build my confidence with English as well, which helped me very much. ”

— Caitlin Baird, Musselburgh

“ Adrienne really helps you to achieve your goal. I would thoroughly recommend her as she helped my daughter get an A for her National 5 English. Thank you for all your help Adrienne! ”

— Louise Hawthorne, Edinburgh

“ Adrienne built my confidence greatly in English, even though I am dyslexic. She taught me how to do essay plans and helped me improve my close reading. She identified areas I struggled with and focused on improving each of these areas. If it wasn't for Adrienne's genuine care and attention to detail, I would not have passed my Higher English exam. ”

— Rachel McGee, Edinburgh

“Adrienne is a kind and helpful individual who has plenty of knowledge in the field of Higher English. I firmly believe that my son's performance has increased significantly thanks to Adrienne's exceptional efforts. I highly recommend Adrienne as an English tutor because she can really help your child gain a broader understanding of the subject. She helps smooth the rough edges off by being patient and by working with the child to improve his/her grades. He gained a grade B with Adrienne’s help. ”

— Nojoma Khan, Edinburgh

“ My daughter Lyndsay became so much more confident with the lessons from Adrienne and she was able to write much better essays and answer exam questions more easily. ”

— Tracey Boyle, Edinburgh

“ You are a wonderful tutor and it is entirely down to your tuition and the way you were able to turn Jock's attitude around and make him work so hard that he went from an expected D grade (at best) to achieving a good B. This was a fantastic result especially because he struggled with dyslexia. Your calm, warm approach along with your experience enabled Jock to get the best possible result. Well done to both of you and you will be glad to know that on this basis he has secured a place at his preferred university. ”

— Kate and Archie Lockhart, Edinburgh

“ My son was able to access a wide variety of literature and was able to develop and construct his ideas in an extremely organized, effective manner. (Brett achieved a grade A in his final exam). ”

— Scott McCann, Edinburgh

“ Desde que llegué a Edimburgo he tenido varios profesores pero cuando realmente empecé a mejorar mi inglés fue con Adrienne. Durante estos 6 meses mis necesidades han variado mucho y Adrienne se amoldó a lo que necesitaba, empezando por mejorar mi pronunciación o ampliar mi vocabulario hasta realización de currículos o práctica para entrevistas de trabajo. Sin duda es una profesora que recomendaría, como ya lo he hecho a mis amigos. ”

“ Since I arrived to Edinburgh I have had several teachers, but when I really started improving my English it was with Adrienne. During this 6 months with her, my needs have varied a lot but Adrienne has adapted to what I needed. We started with improving my pronunciation to increasing my vocabulary and learning how a CV has to be written and interview role plays. Undoubtedly I would highly recommend her, as I did to my friends. ”

— Ana Alonso, Edinburgh and Spain

“ I really like Adrienne. She makes learning fun and plays active games with me. She has made me feel more confident in class and I have been moved up a reading group. I'm very happy about that. ”

— Ethan aged 11 years

“ From the first conversation I had with Adrienne I knew she was the right choice of tutor for my son, Ethan. Her friendly, patient, fun teaching style has meant my son feels confident and happy in her company. He looks forward to spending time with Adrienne, for me that speaks volumes. Within a matter of a few sessions his teacher saw progress in his reading and spelling, which is just fantastic. We would highly recommend Adrienne. ”

— Sarah Hermiston, Edinburgh