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Skype, FaceTime, Zoom and WhatsApp Video Tutoring - Group Discounts Available

Due to the current coronavirus epidemic, there may be social distancing issues for some time to come. Therefore, I have chosen to move some of my private tutoring online. Your child may require some expert extra tutoring in English and you may prefer online tutoring. I have a great deal of resources, with which I can teach your child,  that make the lessons fun and engaging.

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I can cater to children and adults all across Scotland and currently already tutor a number of students who live in different parts of the country.  I am able to teach your child from the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence and can deliver Primary, National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher requirements extremely effectively.

We can use Skype, Google Docs, WhatsApp, Zoom and FaceTime, and my past experience of teaching online has been very successful.

The advantages of going online for English lessons are:

Amongst the positive outcomes of tuition online are:

I can help your child to reach their potential in English - you and they will be surprised with what they are capable of and how quickly they can make progress online. Discount is offered for online group classes.